Client Testimonials


PATIENT, DILIGENT, RESPONSIVE AND EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT THE MAINLINE MARKET… We worked with Claire  for about 8 months in finding our dream house. She was patient, diligent, responsive and extremely knowledgeable about the Main Line market. In our particular case, buying a short sale home there were many rough spots on the road to closing and in every instance Claire was a great help and she gave very wise counsel along the way. We bought and sold several houses in the last 20 years and never before encountered such a level of excellence, she is able to do much more than the average agent from all stages of the buying process. Claire has  a tremendous “grasp” of the market and possesses that intuitive feeling as to what a house is really worth and what kinds of issues they might have, we must have seen close to 100 properties and by leveraging her skills we were able to weed out many houses that initially looked great but were in fact not a good fit for us. Thank you for finding the perfect house for us. You have been incredibly gracious to us through the process and we are grateful for your kindness, understanding, patience and expertise.~ Franck and Tania N.

WE WOULD NEVER USE ANY OTHER REALTOR…Claire tirelessly worked with us for nearly two years to find the perfect home for our family. Always reassuring, honest and attentive, Claire went out of her way to meet our every expectation and always treated us as friends more than clients. We would never use any other realtor. ~ Brian and Tala L.

PASSIONATE, HARDWORKING AND DEDICATED…Claire Richards is passionate, hardworking & dedicated to her clients. Consider yourself lucky if you have her on your side! ~ Kiel Fisher and Keturah Y.

FIRST TIME HOMEBUYER… We knew from the start that Claire was not like other realtors. She made us feel comfortable and always had our best interest at heart. Her patience is phenomenal. It took us quite some time to find a home but every step of the way she made sure we knew this is not a process that should be rushed.  We wholeheartedly would recommend anyone to work with Claire ~ Shannon and Nate K.

SMART AND HARDWORKING…Smart, hardworking………miracle worker. I am not exaggerating; this is my description of Claire and what makes her successful. She was able to find a buyer and sell my house in a very short timeframe. I gave Claire a very complex sale and she made it happen with her experience and knowledge of the marketplace!!!! ~ Mary M.

PERSONAL, EXPERT AND CREATIVE…Claire’s knowledge and experience in the real estate market has been crucial to my family’s goal in buying a new home. Her honest advice and personable service makes her feel more like a trusted partner instead of a just an agent.  ~ John Z.

CLAIRE RICHARDS KNOWS HOW TO SELL HOUSES!…This economy requires something extra in order to effectively sell houses. Claire has the experience and the training needed to successfully market and sell your house. Claire is prepared and very knowledgeable of real estate in the market. She took fantastic photos of the house for the internet pages which really showed its charms. She worked closely with me and quickly responded to my many questions. Claire took the extra steps necessary successfully close the sale. I highly recommend Claire Richards for real estate. ~ Wenda K.

EXCELLENT ATTENTION TO DETAIL…Claire has represented my friends, colleagues and family members to handle their real estate needs. She has excellent attention to detail and the knowledge and resources to handle any issues related to real estate. ~ Paul U.

CALM, STABLE AND ASSURING WAYS…Thank you for being our anchor during this whole process. We appreciate not just everything you have done throughout the process of home search, purchase and sale, but we also appreciate how you handled everything. You listened, looked, advised, encouraged, supported, searched, cared and most importantly you always were available.  Yet, what meant the most to us was your interest in our lives – your personal touch and care. So thank you for all the miles you have driven, the emails you have read and responded to, houses you showed us, phone calls you patiently endured, details you orchestrated and time you devoted to us.  We were blessed throughout the process.  ~ Leslie and Dave G.

CONSUMATE PROFESSIONAL…With the number of online real estate search engines out there, these days it’s not really about using an agent to look for a house for you — it’s about having someone in your corner once you find it! Claire guided us through the negotiation and at the end of the day we truly believe she only wanted the best for us as her clients! ~ Tom G. and Sheila C.

NUMBER ONE REALTOR…Claire Richards is a number one Realtor in my book. She is THE BEST and will take care of you whether you are selling your home or looking to buy a home. She is extremely thorough and has a great team working for her. Claire will always get the job done for you with complete integrity. ~ Jane R.

THANKS FOR THE GREAT JOB THAT YOU DID…Thanks Claire for great job that you did. It was the most no fuss real estate transaction I’ve ever had. ~ Leslie V.

CLAIRE SAVED US A LOT OF TIME AND ENERGY…Working with Claire to sell the house made me to feel comfortable with the process which I had anticipated would be very high anxiety but, much to my surprise, it could be interesting and even fun at times.  First, her knowledge was reassuring. Her willingness to spend time explaining and discussing various facts and options was a very positive factor. It was good to know that she was available and responsive to questions and problems. Claire saved a lot of time and energy researching resources by providing names for services needed. ~ Janette P.

NO WORK AT ALL FOR US .... We are first time home buyers and lucky to find Claire Richards as our agent. Her responsiveness to our queries during any time of the day is really something to appreciate. She even helped us find good mortgage and insurance companies. We could relate to her process expertise in the way she handled all the negotiation and documentation for us. During closing, Claire took care of all the procedures and that left us almost with no work at all. ~ Ramya and Manjesh S.

PLEASANT, UPBEAT AND HELPFUL ... My husband and I were a realtor's nightmare. We were out-of-state with no timeline for moving & different ideas on what we each wanted to purchase and a shifting budget. We required that our realtor to do much of the actual looking for Claire sent information on many properties, but it took a lot of effort to find an acceptable home with a master bedroom on the 1st floor. Then we took several days to decided whether to make an offer and in what amount. The seller wanted an earlier closing date which presented a problem for us. Claire made suggestions, offered ideas and finally it all worked out. During this extended process Claire was always pleasant, upbeat and helpful. Never once did she lose patience with us. We truly appreciated her knowledge, many years of experience, her wisdom and delightful sense of humor. She always maintained a professional demeanor regardless of the situations which arose. We highly recommend her services. ~ Lucy and Geoff H.

CREATIVE AND OVERCOMES HURDLES ... We worked with Claire to sell our house in Berwyn, PA. She came up with several creative options, and always kept an eye on costs for repairs. She has a vast file of local businesses and handypersons who gave great service at great rates. Our home had some selling issues - it had a pool and was a bit of an oddball design-wise in a great neighborhood, but she did the job for us and got us a good price. I would not hesitate to recommend her - she is a consummate pro. ~ Maureen and Charles R.

KNOWLEDGEABLE IN HER FIELD… I had a difficult time selling my home, it sat on the market off and on for 5 years. Claire not only made me feel at ease and held my hand through the process, but also was able to negotiate a difficult sale in a few months. I would recommend Claire Richards to anyone. Best expert in the real estate market. ~ Dasha A.

INFORMED, PREPARED, TENACIOUS AND TRUSTWORTHY ...We are very happy and fortunate to have had Claire as our realtor.  Not only did she help us find the perfect home for our family but she stood by us and for us through a legal ordeal after a disreputable seller refused to return our earnest deposit on a home that we backed out of after inspections revealed a leaky roof and faulty wiring. Claire Richards was informed, prepared, tenacious, and trustworthy.  She fought for us and was willing to put her own skin in the game until we got our deposit back.  I am grateful that she was is our corner as she went above and beyond expectations to keep her word. We looked at well over 20 homes over the course of several spread out weekends.  And we did it with two kids under 5 in tow.  Never once did we feel pressure.  Claire let our home come to us.  She exuded patience, and a genuine joy in showing us all over her county.  Her insights and recommendations were invaluable and spot-on.  We highly recommend Claire.~ Pat, Patty, Penelope, Phoebe, and Parker.


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